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Welcome to The Michael Pez Experience!

Embark on a journey where every sip is an adventure, and every gathering is transformed into an extraordinary affair. Allow us to introduce you to Michael Pez, the maestro behind a cocktail revolution that transcends the ordinary.

The Home of Unforgettable Moments:

In the realm of The Michael Pez Experience, life’s too short for mundane cocktail parties. Imagine a space where private soirees and corporate extravaganzas are elevated to a new level of sophistication. Michael’s presence is the catalyst, infusing each event with vibrant energy. With over 100 signature cocktails, inspired by the enchantment of movies, the allure of television, and the brilliance of Canadian artists, your guests are in for an unparalleled treat – a curated symphony of flavors, perfectly synchronized with the essence of your occasion.

Testimonials that Echo Excellence:

At The Michael Pez Experience, testimonials are not just words; they are resounding echoes of excellence. Picture a 50th birthday celebration where guests couldn’t stop raving about the fantastic bartender and the delectable drinks. Michael’s meticulous attention to detail, his extensive array of bitters, fresh herbs, and infused syrups, combined with his friendly and professional demeanor, creates an unforgettable bar experience. Another thrilled party host recalls how Michael became the main attraction of their birthday bash, wowing everyone with his unique cocktails and intimate mixology experience. Friends couldn’t stop talking about the fun they had, all thanks to Michael’s expertise.

As Featured in IN Magazine:

The Michael Pez Experience has graced the pages of IN Magazine, where Michael’s creative concoctions took center stage. “Must-Try Sips From Nickel 9 Distillery’s Signature Queen Cocktail Series,” the feature read, inspired by beloved Toronto queens Priyanka and Miss Moço. Michael Pez has indeed created two fierce cocktails using Nickel 9 Distillery’s Northern Temple Vodka and Hidden Temple Gin, showcasing his ability to turn inspiration into liquid art.

IN Magazine


Must-Try Sips From Nickel 9 Distillery’s Signature Queen Cocktail Series: Inspired by beloved Toronto queens Priyanka and Miss Moço, Michael Pez has created two fierce cocktails…

Inspired by beloved Toronto queens Priyanka and Miss Moço, bartender/mixologist extraordinaire Michael Pez has created two fierce cocktails in the extensive series of cocktails using Nickel 9 Distillery’s Northern Temple Vodka and Hidden Temple Gin.

Media & Television

Every week catch mixologist Michael Pez at Nickel 9 Distillery with a special reality star as they discuss Season 2 of CityTV’s Bachelor in Paradise Canada and make a speciality cocktail!



Michael Pez was the bartender at my 50th birthday celebration. My guest couldn’t stop complementing me on the drinks and the fantastic bartender!



Mike was the main attraction of my birthday party and he certainly didn’t disappoint. The cocktails were unique, the attention to detail impeccable, and his ability to add a truly intimate mixology experience is unmatched.



Michael was the highlight of my birthday party! He suggested amazing signature cocktails (with all of my favourite alcohols), came with a beautiful, clean set up and brought his own garnishes.



Choosing Michael as our mixologist was the best decision we made for our party! From his unique cocktail ideas to the level of professionalism he displayed, I felt reassured that our bar was going to be in good hands.